Just2Reveal connects, informs and supports relatives of addicted people.

Rob van de Star

Addiction is an evil. As hard as it is to fight this evil firsthand, seeing someone you love deal with the struggles that come with addiction is no less harrowing. There are countless moments of pain in which we’ll readily give up anything to take the torment of our loved one away just so they could recover from their addiction.

There are numerous instances where we are left dumbfounded and clueless about what our loved one is going through, the agony they are living day in and day out and the pure evil that they are trying to fight against and win, every living, breathing moment of their life.

Struggle with addiction

In trying to help our loved ones in their struggle with addiction and wanting to do any and every possible thing to help them, the bizarre regulations, miscommunication between authorities, incomprehension of caregivers and tunnel vision of social workers does not help

Being a father of a beautiful daughter who lost her life because of addiction I can confidently say that loved ones of addicts are mostly on the sidelines, often desperate and heavily burdened.

To help make it easier for them, we have startedJust2Reveal, a help guide with information about addiction, personal stories, useful links that can help further. Along with telephone numbers if you want to talk to someone and overview of healthcare institutions that help with drug addiction.

We do everything we can to connect loved ones of an addict to others in the same situation. We are also creating “Just2Reveal buddy-app” to connect relatives with fellow sufferers online. They can share experiences, seek support or simply talk to someone who understands them.

We need your help to help…

We’re here to ask for your support in helping us make this initiative come alive so we can help the loved ones of addicts across the world deal with the pain, reach out, share their doubts and fears and support each other in a journey only they can truly understand.

Your donation to this cause will help us take a huge step towards kindness, compassion and empathy towards people and families who desperately need it.

Personal stories on Just2Reveal:

help guide for famility and friends of addicted people

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Just2Reveal is managed by the Foundation A Friend in Every City enrolled at the Dutch KvK.

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