This community was started by Nanneke van de Star, who sadly passed away last summer due to her alcohol addiction and autism, 29 years young.

In the treatment process of his daughter her father – Rob van de Star – experienced a lot of sad and incomprehensible moments. Miscommunications between organizations, lack of understanding from social workers, tunnel vision and bizarre regulations. Relatives of addicts suffer as hard in their despair as the addict while standing most of the time aside.

“Just2Reveal” : Just to Reveal…

The Foundation “A Friend In Every City” (AFIC) took over Nanneke’s blog after she passed away, and it is our aim to grow it as a pathway to practical help for people who need it. To accomplish this, we’ve created a website where people share stories about what they experienced during the addiction of them self or others in their direct environment.

AFIC is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, a.o. students of the University of Applied Science Windesheim .

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Contact: or +31 (0)6 427 19627

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